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It turns out that was drawing some real-life inspiration for Princess Leia's on-screen bickering with Han Solo. The actor has confirmed that she and did indeed have an affair during the filming of , but was left broken-hearted after Ford returned to his wife and children once the movie had wrapped.


Fisher is set to tell all in her new book, The Princess Diarist. She revealed his initial reaction when she sent him the manuscript pre-public announcement:

“I called him and said, ‘Where are you? I’m sending it to you.’ I don’t want to embarrass anyone and he’s very private. I said, ‘I know you’re not going to be excited but…"

To which Ford simply responded:

Fisher is playing the response off as good humor, but Ford has yet to release a statement on the matter.


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Fisher retweeted this awkward video last month from Twitter account "Carrison is real," a possible hint at her big news:

Ford divorced his first wife Mary Marquard just three years after the 1976 affair. Marquard stated that the couple "just grew apart," affirming Fisher's belief that the separation had nothing to do with her affair.

Ford supported Marquard financially in the years before her death, with Marquard saying the two remained good friends for years.

“He is a wonderful human being. These days, you hear so many awful stories about people. But Harrison has always been there for me whether the world has known it or not. I shall always love him for what he has done. He and I will forever be family. I realize how much love and support he has given me and continues to give me.”

In the meantime, Fisher has quashed rumors that her autobiography is going to contain any steamy details:

She also offered up an insight to her frame of mind all those years ago, opting to use her trademark emoji hieroglyph system:

Which according to her followers, translates to: "when you're 19 everything's intense."

With this news in mind, re-watch this iconic (and now super awkward) argument between Han and Leia in Episode V:

What do you hope to see in Fisher's new book?

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