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Matt Carter

I can't imagine is someone who gets easily rattled. The guy has been to a galaxy far, far away, found fortune and glory and even thrown terrorists out the back of Air Force One. He's seen and done it all, normally keeping a cool and level head throughout.

Throw a double-crossing Wookie into the equation however and Ford really loses his s**t. The Wookie in question is of course Ford's former pal Chewbacca, and the problem stems from an earlier appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and accusations that Chewie may or may not have done some naughty things with Ford's wife. And there were hairballs. Lots of hairballs.

Ford appeared recently on Kimmel to promote his new movie 42 and had to face his fur-faced adversary once again. Check it out:

Time, it seems, has not been a great healer. Let's hope they kiss and make up in time for Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens.



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