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Get ready to get your fan-frenzy on kids, for the worlds of Harry Potter and Stranger Things have just collided in the most magical way.

As we already knew, the artist formerly known as Harry Potter is — as the Brits would say — a pretty top bloke, via various hilarious karaoke antics and voicing opinions on the state of Hollywood and society in general, but through his latest revelation on BBC Radio 1's Breakfast Show, we now love him even more.

More Daniel Radcliffe & Stranger Things news:

Similarly to every conversation we seem to be having at the moment, his interview moved onto the increasingly popular series Stranger Things, and when the show's host Nick Grimshaw informed him the kids would be on the following day, Radders promptly lost his cool:

“Oh my god. OK, can you, like, just tell them that I think they’re amazing and also just say, like, that as a person who started out acting really young, how are they so good? I wasn’t that good when I was a kid. Have the decency to be less good at acting, please, when you’re so young.”

How cute is that?! Even though I think he's being a little too hard on himself, he clearly doesn't remember this should-be Oscar winning scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, back when he was but 11 years old — that's just one year younger than Millie Bobby Brown a.k.a Eleven is now!

Clearly Brown also feels he's being too modest. When the Stranger Things gang hit the studio on Thursday, she returned the Potter love, stating:

“He says, ‘I wasn’t that good when I was younger,’ — he was Harry Potter. Let’s just review… I think he was doing pretty fine.”

So much mutual love going on here — perhaps we can persuade them do to a Harry Potter x Stranger Things mash up? Maybe get Eleven in to whip up some shit in Hogwarts? I personally would love to see her get her mitts on Dolores Umbridge, wouldn't you?

Would you love to see the Stranger Things kids attending Hogwarts?

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