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The Harry Potter cast certainly aren't very good at keeping themselves out of harm's way, as past incidents involving the wizarding world's actors have shown. And now, it looks like another series alumni had tragically been hurt in a devastating turn of events.

With a heavy heart, it's been reported that Jim Tavare — the actor known for his role of The Leaky Cauldron's innkeeper Tom — was involved in a horrific car accident that has left him with a broken neck, broken ribs, fractured breastbones and a punctured lung. Remind yourself of his performance in the short clip from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban below:

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The 54-year-old is currently in an intensive care unit, leaving it to his wife Laura to take to social media to share the upsetting news. She said:

"This is Laura here. Now that his family have been informed, Jim has asked me to let you all know that he was involved in a serious car accident yesterday, a head-on collision."

She then added:

"He’s currently in ICU intensive care. He has 15 broken ribs, fractures in both breastbones, a punctured lung, multiple breaks in his right leg, and a broken neck. He’s had 2 blood transfusions so far and is about to go in for his first surgery. This is for real, not a movie role. Please hold some good thoughts for him as he fights his way out of this."

We send all our best to 's Jim and his family during this tough time and pray that he recovers from this horrific ordeal soon.

Share your messages of support to Jim and his family below.

(Source: BBC)


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