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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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It's January, the hashtag is trending as are endless images of Trevor-green smoothies and svelte Fleur Delacour style gym enthusiasts encouraging us all to embrace a healthier, more butterbeer free existence. But what happens if you're not a huge exercise addict?

Well, if you just so happen to be a fan, you're in luck because the Potterverse has provided you with a way to both indulge in your Potter fandom and get fit! So come, gather young muggles and discover all the magical ways you too can go from Harry Podger to Lord Voldetaut!

Namast-upefy? Harry Potter Yoga, It's A Thing

Calling all members of Dumbledore's Army, it's time to roll out your invisibility cloaks, summon your patronus from your clenched inner core and get into a downward facing hog(warts). Yes, that's right, Harry Potter yoga is a thing and it's sweeping the nation, leaving no philosophers stone left unturned.

This craze began in The Circle Brewing Company in Austin, Texas, originally to mark the anniversary of Lily and James Potter's death on October 30, but Harry Potter yoga became an overnight sensation with instructor Isabel Beltran telling Entertainment Weekly:

“A lot of the wand poses are very similar to yoga in the sense that you have to concentrate and think of happy memories, yoga is very magical in that sense.”

With similar classes popping up in L.A., London and Australia, it's safe to say we've only seen the tip of the wand of this compelling new craze!

Oof, I'm All Out Of Hufflepuff: The Hogwarts Running Club

A charitable running club that aims to "change the muggle-world…one mile at a time," the Hogwarts Running Club is a "virtual running" club which allows its members to run at their own pace, in their own time all to raise money for a host of wonderful charitable causes!

With a wide range of different running challenges such as the "Molly Weasley Ugly Jumper 5k Run," the "Umbridge 13k Run" and the "Half Blood Marathon" the Hogwarts Running Club organizes a constant series of fantastic running challenges for eager, charitable muggles to participate in!

Catch The Snitch Tail! Quidditch For Muggles

Incredibly, the original game which takes place 30 foot or so in the air, with teams zipping around the playing field on hovering broomsticks has been successfully adapted as a muggle-friendly sport following huge demand. Quidditch for Muggles is now almost a common occurrence even with colleges such as the University of Michigan and Carleton Uni boasting their own teams.

With players having to waddle around the pitch with brooms between their legs, the muggle version of Quidditch is pretty much exactly like the Harry Potter game, and even includes a human embodiment of the snitch who emerges at 17 minutes into the game with a "removable snitch tail."


Which of these sporting events would you most like to compete in?


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