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Daring Potterheads unite, don your invisibility cloak, hop aboard the Hogwarts Express and get ready to venture into what could be the most terrifying place in the wizarding world: The Forbidden Forest.

In a thrilling new expansion to be unveiled in London's Warner Bros. Studio Tour on March 31st, visitors will be able to follow the spiders and investigate the spooky depths usually kept out-of-zones to all Hogwarts students. If, of course, defying Dumbledore's rigorous regulations is your jam.

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Here reckless wanderers will find themselves roaming beside a host of magical creatures including Buckbeak the hippogriff and Aragog the acromantula who'll be scattered between 19 giant trees that span a diameter of over 12 feet. Thankfully animal lover Hagrid — or at least his costume — will also be there to guide you on your way, should you become tangled within a giant spider web.

According to Digital Spy, the announcement specifies that:

Visitors will walk beneath the giant entwined roots on their journey and will even be able to control the weather using the same techniques created by filmmakers.

So queue a ton of eerie fog to make your time within the Forbidden Forest all the more tense. Muggle Production Designer Stuart Craig, who worked on all eight Harry Potter movies said:

"Over the course of the eight films, the Forbidden Forest has played a key role and I think it's an exciting addition to the Studio Tour.

The Forbidden Forest is full of mysterious, fascinating and sometimes threatening forces. It represents the great unknown compared to the comfort and safety of Hogwarts and the Gryffindor Common Room which makes it so interesting and important to the development of the story."

The big unveil, which has been teased on their Instagram account Follow The Spiders, will take place on March, 31. Entrance will be included in the ticket price.

What would you be most afraid of within the Forbidden Forest?

(Source: Digital Spy)


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