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Brian Salisbury

While it is certainly no rarity for studios to produce remakes, remakes of remakes are slightly less numerous. Still, Universal is moving forward with its remake of 's 1983 cult crime classic Scarface, itself a reinterpretation of the 1932 gangster flick of the same name. Up to now, the film has been without a director, which has naturally impeded the casting of a star. Now, according to Deadline, (helmer of the latter four Harry Potter films) is in final talks with the studio to take the job. The project is technically being dubbed a reboot, but that rather seems like splitting hairs.

I'm not automatically against remakes, but this one hasn't held any interest for me until now. Yates may seem an odd choice for this sort of project, but if you think about it, his tenure as Harry Potter helmer gives him exactly the right tools for this job. He took over as Harry was on a dark downturn that took the character to the bleakest point of his life before his ultimate triumph. Not only that, but he directed Half-Blood Prince, which was largely about the rise of a supervillain. Replace Voldemort with Tony Montana and boom! Appropriate chaos!

Those are my two cents, what do you guys think?


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