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While the world continues to rapidly descend into a fiery pit of political fear-mongering and right-wing uncertainty, we can take solace in the fact that Harry Potter fans are still out in full force when it comes to producing magical fan art.

In particular, one artist called Georgina Ryland from Brisbane, Australia, has taken it upon herself to transform her body into a detailed mural of Hogwarts Castle from J.K. Rowling's beloved book series and it's already making us see the light at the end of this year's narrowing tunnel.

Taking to her Instagram, she revealed what it was like to paint the wizarding world's most famous school on her own décolletage, saying:

"About time I gave Hogwarts a shot! This paint took five hours total but I could probably have happily painted it for ten - challenging but fun."

Georgina also posted a time-lapse video of the process, which is absolutely incredible to say the least:

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As well as themed body art, the talented artist has also tried her hand at other pop culture topics. In particular, her Instagram account is riddled with Pokemon creations, which she posted when the world went wild for the craze last summer. Here's a cute little Vaporean as an example:

Absolutely incredible!

Check out more of Georgina Ryland's design over at her Instagram page.


Is this Hogwarts mural the coolest fan art you've ever seen?

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