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Hold onto your broomsticks and Wingardium Leviosa that butterbeer straight down your gullet in celebration, because we are about to get two brand spanking new Harry Potter books to accompany an equally new exhibition.

Fans will now have the chance to embrace the Hogwarts spirit of learning even more diligently by ingesting these two new tomes aimed at furthering our wizarding education. Check out a breakdown of what these new books will entail below:

'Harry Potter: A History of Magic — The Book of the Exhibition'

An ancient text (from 1550) depicting a phoenix  [Credit: The British Library]
An ancient text (from 1550) depicting a phoenix [Credit: The British Library]

Designed to accompany the new exhibition at the British Library in London, this book will be deep-dive into the real-life history of magic and wizardly focusing on how history shaped Harry Potter's world. Described as a "a comprehensive companion book," the hardback will include essays from astronauts, naturalists and writers "capturing the traditions of folklore and magic which underpin the Harry Potter stories."

For lucky British fans, the exhibition will showcase genuine ancient texts on topics such as witchcraft and magical creatures, along with items from J.K Rowling's own personal archives. This includes the original drafts for the Harry Potter books, which are set to be displayed for the first time.

'Harry Potter — A Journey Through a History of Magic'

[Credit: Bloomsbury]
[Credit: Bloomsbury]

Aimed at younger Harry Potter fans and their families, this book will showcase selected items of interest from the exhibition. Bursting with "spellbinding facts and information behind the real history of magic" along with activities for aspiring wizards to enjoy, this book promises to be a visual delight.

While it might be aimed at kids and young adults, "Harry Potter, A Journey Through a History of Magic" will be a surefire hit with adults around the world who were not lucky enough to see the exhibition first hand.

How Do I Get My Hands On The New Harry Potter Books?

Both of the new titles will be published by Bloomsbury on October 20 and will be for sale in the British Library along with a wide range of book retailers (read; Amazon).

Of course, Pottermore will also be getting in on the action and simultaneously publishing an ebook. The digital editions will be priced at at £8.99/£5.99.

Which of the new Harry Potter books do you want to buy for your collection?

(Source: The British Library and The Bookseller)


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