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Harry Potter star has been cast in the upcoming World War II movie Ghosts of the Pacific, according to Empire. He'll star alongside and as their three-man cast.

The amazing true story follows the WWII flyers who crash land in the South Pacific ocean and must rely on each other to survive. Felton, who portrayed Slytherin student Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series, will get to play a hero this time around, in the role of real-life bombardier Tony Pastula. Pastula was stranded in 1942 alongside Harold Dixon (Dillahunt) and Gene Aldrich (Abel) after the trio abandoned their damaged plane. They ended up adrift on a raft for weeks with no supplies.

The movie is expected to start shooting next week at Mexico's Baja Studios, the same sprawling water tank facility used to shoot Titanic. Here's hoping this one has a happier ending.

Ghosts of the Pacific is expected for release in 2014.


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