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Not only did Matthew Lewis turn smokin' hot soon after the final Harry Potter credits rolled, but he's also proven himself far luckier in the love department than his on-screen counterpart. In the books and movies, his character Neville Longbottom was far from a hit with the ladies until he met his match in former classmate and fellow D. A. member Hannah Abbott after graduating from Hogwarts.

And now, the star – who is 27-years-old – has just got engaged to his beautiful girlfriend Angela Jones after a whirlwind romance that began earlier this year in January 2016. The loved-up pair met at the Wizarding World in Orlando, Florida, where Jones is an event planner and they've been pretty much inseparable ever since.

Reportedly, Lewis proposed to the lucky lady last month in front of Paris's Eiffel Tower, just four months after her divorce from her first husband came through. And considering she still works in Florida, it looks like the actor will probably be spending quite a bit of time with her stateside. According to a statement by a representative:

"They're both over the moon. They got together in July and hit it off straight away."

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Indeed, Matthew Lewis has come a long way since this:

And since graduating from Hogwarts, he's garnered quite the following, especially after beating the crap out of puberty and being featured in Attitude magazine, for which he posed in his underwear.

Now though, after years of pining after a grown-up Neville, it's official – we've got to move on because this handsome devil is off the market. Congrats, guys!

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