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He played the clumsy and funny Seamus Finnigan throughout all eight of the Harry Potter films, but this week Devon Murray opened up about his dark struggle with depression in the hopes of his story helping others.

Tweeting in support of World Mental Health Day on October 10, Murray wrote about his 10-year battle with the disorder, and how he recently sought help for his suicidal thoughts. He also urged his 224,000 followers to reach out to family and friends who they believe might also be suffering.

In an interview with radio station RTE2fm, Murray talked more about his depression, revealing that he realized something was wrong on his 16th birthday.

"People have always said, 'Oh, you're in 'Harry Potter.' You've got the best life in the world.' Whereas in a sense I had an amazing life, but I also had to give up so much, Murray said. "I had to live in the UK for pretty much 11 years, away from my father and my school friends — that weighed on me."

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In addition to suffering with a mental condition, the 27 year old also told hosts about his bout with a nerve condition called Bell's Palsy. The condition effects the muscles on one side of sufferers' faces, causing it to droop. Doctors are unclear what causes Bell's Palsy, and it can come on quickly, though it usually gets better on its own over a course of weeks or months. Murray suffered from Bell's Palsy during filming of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

"One side of my face was completely dead and that was in the fifth movie. So I had Bell's palsy for probably six months, and I didn't leave my house once in those six months," he said. "I was completely self-conscious of how I looked. A lot of my part in the fifth movie was cut out."

Then, after suffering from years of depression, things came to a head this April when Murray came painfully close to committing suicide. However, thanks to his family's quick intervention, was talked out of it.

"I was just a mess. I felt like I'd let down my parents, I couldn't do anything right. I had a laundering rope, and I threw it over one of the banisters in the barn. And I was pretty much getting ready to hang myself. So I texted my mom and my dad. I can't really remember what I said, but it was me asking for help without really asking. My mom and dad straight away they were texting me and calling me."

Murray is now sharing his story in the hopes that it might help others with their struggle and seek help, something that certainly proves that it wasn't just his character Seamus who embodied the daring and brave traits of a true Gryffindor.

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Classic Seamus [Warner Bros]
Classic Seamus [Warner Bros]


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