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You are the Princess Shireen of the House Baratheon, and you are my daughter.
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In the last hour the first trailer for Christopher Nolan's new WWII drama Dunkirk finally dropped, co-starring chanteur and fashion icon Harry Styles — and the teenage girls of the Twittersphere have been absorbed into an unstoppable vacuum of "OMG!" and "so proud of my baby!" reactions, because Harry Styles.

First, check out the trailer (although if you haven't got up to WWII during history class yet you might wanna take a raincheck — it's dem again):

Then take a look at this supercut of all Harry's scenes, assembled in record time by Harry Styles Updates...

Apparently, those nine seconds of footage were more than enough to detonate a few reaction bombs in the pants of Harry's dedicated fanbase on Twitter — like this individual who's already looking ahead to the 2018 Oscars...

I mean sure, why not? The Twitter user Tanu reappropriated a gif of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith being their well-adjusted selves to express pride for baby Hazza:

Beth Noelle (@nakedmagic) is simply a little overwhelmed...

Apparently the endless tsunami of tragic celebrity deaths and hideous political events just got clean undone by our boy:

And finally, we received the confirmation we've all been waiting for of the fact that Harry Styles is (!) in fact (!) an actor (!!!):

And that was that — a brief but wildly entertaining trip into the mind of your average Harry Styles fangirl.

If you're wondering, the movie's about a war and stuff. Quite tragic apparently. Dunkirk hits theaters 21 July, 2017.

Will you be watching Harry do the actor thing in Dunkirk next summer?


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