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There is only one month until Christopher Nolan's war epic Dunkirk hits theaters and we're extremely excited for the film. The movie, which will be Nolan's first since Interstellar, features a star-studded cast including Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy, with a leading performance by Fionn Whitehead. In addition to this, former One Direction member Harry Styles will make his acting debut in Dunkirk.

When the latest trailer dropped, fans of went into meltdown. The singer-songwriter only appeared briefly in both trailers, but his dedicated fan base took to Twitter to show their enthusiasm for the singer's role. However, despite only brief glimpses of Styles in the trailer, the singer may have a bigger role in than we suspected. A brand new Dunkirk poster has surfaced online and Styles seemingly takes center stage. Check it out below:

This new poster has been featured in movie theatres, as well as on buildings in Argentina. As you can see in the image above, Styles is pictured beside Fionn Whitehead, reaching for a hand to rescue him.

Does Harry Styles Have A Bigger Role Than We Thought, Or Is This A Marketing Ploy?

While his casting has been the primary focal point for the media when discussing Dunkirk, Styles hasn't featured in the promotional posters until now. This new poster certainly seems to suggest that Styles will be playing one of the central characters in Dunkirk — but, at the moment, we still know very little about the film in general. All we know is that the singer will play a character named Alex.

While it's entirely possible that Styles will play a significant role in the film and the poster is reflecting that, there is another possibility: perhaps Styles's significance on the poster is more to do with marketing. Let's face it, he is one of the biggest music artists in the world, and his dedicated fanbase will no doubt flock to theaters to see Dunkirk when its released.

Moreover, the young heartthrob recently released his self-titled debut solo album, which reached the top spot in over 84 countries, and is about to embark on a world tour — it's safe to say that the young is in demand. While we have every confidence that chose Styles for his acting ability, it's hard to pretend that his inclusion in the film won't benefit the sales figures.

Dunkirk will hit cinemas in July and the film is no doubt destined for success with Nolan at the helm. Additionally, Harry Styles's role in the film, regardless of how big or small, will no doubt aid the film's commercial performance. Styles is taking the world by storm and even though the singer has gone solo, he's still headed in, ahem, one direction: up — much like his character in the poster.

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