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It's graduation season again and what does this mean? It means a host of emotional ceremonies taking place, filled with familiar faces including celebrities and politicians. Indeed, Will Ferrell recently gave the commencement speech at the University of Southern California, which climaxed in a poignant musical interlude of sorts.

Many institutions of higher learning offer some sort of musical performance as part of their graduation ceremonies, and Harvard University is no exception. The school's all-male a cappella group the Harvard Din & Tonics payed tribute to composer John Williams by performing an impressive medley of some of his most memorable movie themes. The composer was attending the ceremony to be given an honorary doctorate in music for his lifelong contribution to the motion picture arts.

Although some might consider Harvard to be full of elitists and prudes, the video proves these academics do enjoy having fun as much as the rest of us. The medley had the audience hooting and hollering, and in several instances bursting into fits of laughter. We don't want to spoil too much, because part of the fun is experiencing the music for yourself, but let's just say there is parseltongue, a horsewhip, and a little bit of dialogue thrown in for good measure.

From the look on Williams' face, he delighted in the creative arrangement of his themes from movies including Star Wars, the franchise, the Indiana Jones series, Jaws, ET: The Extraterrestrial, and so many more. All in all, the Din & Tonics did a fantastic job and it looks like they had a great time, too. Congratulations to all of you out there celebrating your graduation.

What is your favorite John Williams theme? What else would you have liked to hear Din & Tonics perform? Sound off in the comments below.


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