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Tino Jochimsen

Harvey Weinstein, that old-school Hollywood mogul, can detect the scent of Oscar on a film like a truffle pig can sniff out the mushroom in your pocket. Hence, when he jumps at something right after it was shown to him, more often than not thhis means that a big future Oscar campaign is afoot.

On Sunday, Weinstein was shown Salinger, 's documentary on the novelist J.D. Salinger. While not as secretive as the life of the literary hermit, the circumstances of said acquisition nevertheless merit a telling: According to Deadline, Weinstein and The Weinstein Company's (TWC) chief operating officer David Glassner were shown the film on Sunday morning, hence on the day of the Academy Awards, which is something comparatively Christmassy for the industry... where's the decency, folks?

TWC was the only distributor who was shown the finished film, and it didn't take long for the company to snatch at the offer, paying the goodly sum of roughly $ 2 million for rights to the documentary.

Salinger is a true labor of love for Salerno, who originally planned to make a feature film on reclusive author. Mike Fleming, writing for Deadline, has seen an early cut of the film, calling it "exhaustively researched and arrestingly powerful".

Having been though a Catcher in the Rye phase myself, I can only say that I am psyched for this documentary – and the last time I used the word "psyched" and "documentary" in the same sentence was shortly before Inside Deep Throat was released.

Salinger will be released right into this year's Oscar season... of course!


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