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Mark Newton

With ditching the project last month, it looked like Cinderella would never get her chance to meet a live-action Prince Charming. Luckily, a knight in shining armor may have arrived to save the movie — none other than .

Earlier in January we reported that Romanek had abandoned Cinderella due to immovable creative differences with Disney. It seems his darker re-imagining of Cinderella's tale was incompatible with Disney's desires for a broad, family orientated fairy tale. Faced with this, Romanek did the honorable thing and peaced out.

This left Disney and Cinderella in a bit of a pickle. They wanted to continue with their pre-arranged production schedule, but without a director this would be pretty difficult. Luckily, Branagh may be about to save the day.

Nothing has been officially locked down yet, but Empire is reporting that Branagh is in talks to take on the project. Disney will certainly be eager to get some ink on a contract soon, as they want to keep in place as the evil stepmother.

Branagh's directorial career already features its fair share of adaptations. Frankenstein and five Shakespeare flicks shows he's comfortable with classic source material, while his helming of Thor illustrates he can handle a big budget blockbuster too. He might just prove to the best choice to take on this project.

What do you think? Can Branagh take on Cinderella, or would you have preferred if Romanek was still around? Let us know below.


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