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Films are getting bigger and bigger in scale, but it seems as if their incomes are getting smaller and smaller. However, Disney, the world's biggest movie production company, may have already "won" this year financially and critically, possibly making this year, the best year ever for Disney, with even more big hits still to come. Their sequel to the popular 2010 Alice in Wonderland, which grossed over $1 billion, unexpectedly made way for Alice Through the Looking Glass, to sadly and unexpectedly become one of the biggest movie fails of the year, but the company had better lucky in practically every other instance. The MCU, Pixar and Shanghai Disney Land all contributed to this big win for Disney, but how else did the House of Mouse take 2016 by storm?

Leaving 2015 Behind: What Went Right?

Disney exited 2015 with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, securing the highest grossing film of the year and perhaps the most anticipated film of all time. They had successfully created an original Pixar film, Inside Out, which proved to be incredibly popular. The Good Dinosaur proved to be a bit of a flop for Pixar's standards, but Disney successfully followed on from their victory with Maleficent with a live action Cinderella. The film was placed number 10 in box office sales that year!

As usual, Marvel bashed out a couple of fan favorites, creating even more revenue for Disney with their sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron and their original film, Ant Man starring funny man, Paul Rudd. The super-heroics helped to secure the production company 3 of the top 5 films of that year.

Talking Animals Prove To Be Both Cute And Creative

It appears that talking animals have proved popular this year, and not just for Disney. The production company has seemed to go back to their roots in 2016, focusing on talking animals. March saw the release of original film, Zootopia, which showed a small rabbit move to the big city to fight crime. Real romance was shown in this film along with themes of inequality and judgement, showing audiences that you can do whatever you want, and that your social status or where you're from should not hold you back.

Zootopia currently sits at No. 6 in the box office charts, and has just recently been topped by Universal's The Secret Life of Pets. Another live-action remake, this year saw Disney boom in sales with their star-studded release of The Jungle Book. This film again proved popular, raking in avid viewers due to celebrity voiceovers and the return of fan favorite songs.

Of course, sitting comfortably at the top of the table is Pixar's Finding Dory. This sequel to Finding Nemo wowed audiences earlier this Summer with an array of new characters and a new original story that brought more tears to our eyes. Overall, the effect of these talking animals proved very powerful for Disney, as there haven't been an array of talking animals in a Walt Disney Animation Production since The Princess and the Frog.

More Mega-Hits From The MCU

Captain America: Civil War. Need I say anymore? The universally acclaimed film has made its way up to the top of so many lists, including IMDb's top 250, Total Films Top 100 and Empires Top 100. The third Captain America film is the fourth highest grossing MCU film, surprisingly behind Iron Man 3 — a film which received some negative feedback among the Marvel fanbase.

Civil War saw a big reunion of our favorite Marvel stars, while also bringing fans the all-new awesome Spider Man, who may have been the star of the show. Best of all? We still have Doctor Strange to be released in November. For all those Marvel fans who know only mainly the films of the MCU, Doctor Strange and everything that goes with the Sorcerer Supreme and the relationship between him and the other members of the Marvel Universe remains to be a complete surprise. However, following the ongoing support and popularity of the MCU films, we can almost already guarantee Doctor Strange will be a massive hit!

Remakes: Something Borrowed, Something New!

Aside from The Jungle Book, which fits well into Disney live-action remakes along with Maleficent, Cinderella, next year's Beauty and the Beast and Peter Pan the following year, we've also seen the release of Pete's Dragon. This comes from a remake of the 1977 classic, which offers a brilliant story and a really good time for all of the family. After seeing the first trailer I wasn't too excited about the film, but still decided to make a trip to the cinema, and loved what I saw. We also have had a reboot of Roald Dahl's The BFG, on the 100 year anniversary since Dahl's birth. The film was also universally acclaimed and showed off the studio's great ability to remake films as well as confidently using visual effects to an almost unseen standard. Which helped to put Disney at their most successful year to date! Walt himself died 50 years ago this December, and what a year to mark that mile stone with what looks like the biggest year ever, and it does not look like they will be stopping anytime soon! What a way to live on the big guys legacy!

What Is Yet To Come?

This year has also seen the opening of Shanghai Disney Land, with the biggest princess castle of them all. However, there is still a lot to come in the few months we have left of 2016. We have the latest princess film, Moana, which does not feature a prince, and shows Moana to be a strong woman who can fight for herself on her own adventures. The trailer for which was released yesterday, and by the looks of things we are going to really enjoy this film! After having a glimpse of the characters we can see that we have been given more classic, mute, animal sidekicks and a funny leading character similar to the Genie in Aladdin. They have announced more recently that a seperate piece of software was created so they could make a better ocean, which look more aesthetically pleasing to the audience, showing that there is nothing that will stop the House of Mouse from bringing in the big bucks as well as making a film totally awesome for everyone! We have Doctor Strange, and of course, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Disney also won this year with the sales in their plush toys, Tsum Tsums, the Stack Stack toys that started in Japan, now have reached global popularity. Additionally, TV show Once reached its 100th episode, and a new series known as The Lion Guard premiered on Disney Junior. It's clear that Disney may have had one of their greatest years to date, with classic films and ventures, it looks as if this year will go down in history, for the biggest production company in the world, along with keeping the momentum going well into 2017 and beyond.

While Disney and Pixar are known for being an absolute powerhouse in Hollywood, here are 10 facts that you might not have known about the House of Mouse:

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