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Matt Carter

Godzilla may have finally found its leading man, with Deadline reporting that Kick-Ass star is now the frontrunner to get the gig in the reboot. It's believed that Johnson hasn't yet committed to the project, but will wait until he's read Frank Darabont's script rewrite before deciding whether to jump onboard.

If Johnson agrees to take on the role this would already make the movie 157% better than the 1998 effort starring Matthew Broderick.

It's not been the easiest of productions for Godzilla so far. Darabont was brought in to rework the script, while three of the movie's producers were also shown the exit door. I like to imagine they were chased off set by a guy wearing a lizard costume shouting "I'm king of the monsters," but it seems unlikely.

As for Johnson, he's starting to prove himself a more than capable lead actor. He masterfully channeled the boyish exuberance and emotional vulnerability of a young John Lennon in 2009's Nowhere Boy, before kicking ass and getting his ass kicked in 's aptly named, Kick-Ass. His only real misstep, in my opinion, was the recent Anna Karenina, where he didn't really convince as the dashing Vronsky.

Despite all its problems, I'm still hopeful that Godzilla will be the monster smash that we all want it to be. You know what they say; its hard to keep a good fire-breathing lizard down.

Godzilla will be stomping a path of destruction when it hits theaters May 16, 2014, and you can get all the latest on production woes and casting updates and by hitting the [[follow]] button.



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