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Last week, released a tease for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. While no actual footage was shown (seeing as production has only just begun), some promo art was featured along with the comical antics of the cast and crew.

Miss the taste? Check it out here!

The artwork has generated a good amount of buzz, with the speculation seeming to focus on the vision of standing before a row of armor, signifying that he has resurrected the Iron Legion from Avengers: Age of Ultron. Fan attention also zeroed in on firing a BFG in front of , who wields a weapon that could be either the ultimate version of or , the ax the God of Thunder currently wields in The Unworthy Thor.

Personally, I’m way more interested in looking at the actors on set, specifically "cameraman" Tom Holland.

Mo-Cap On His Face

While the Russo brothers announced that would be getting a new costume in Infinity War, initially it was thought to be an upgrade courtesy of Stark, i.e. the Iron Spider Armor. However, the little dots on Holland's face could be more revealing than the Russo brothers intended. This is because the Iron Spider Armor doesn't move like the Symbiote costume does. The Symbiote costume does originate in space after all, and unless they decide to go the ultimate route and have it come from Peter Parker's bloodstream, Infinity War would be the best place to feature the future .

He Doesn't Know What To Do With His Hands

During the interview, Holland's mo-cap gloves can be seen, with the young actor attempting to hide them, either keeping them firmly in his pockets or crossing his arms. This strikes me as odd as the great thing about motion capture is that it can literally be anything to the naked eye. It's not until the effects wizards work their magic that it becomes something awesome.

Remember Mark Ruffalo wearing huge Hulk hands last year, and the epicness that is the Hulk was fully realized. Seriously, even the unfinished Hulk in his war armor gave me the chills. So why would the special effects team need to mo-cap Holland's hands, unless there was some type of digital movement required? Unless we are getting a version of web fists, which would be awesome, I don't see a need for digital enhancement.

Laying The Groundwork For A Venom Movie Without Monopolizing A Spider-Man Film

"Venom" [Credit: Marvel Comics]
"Venom" [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Two of the things that pissed fans off about the previous big-screen incarnation of Venom was that he was forced on us by the studio, and it was a rush job when he did pop up. In the comics, Venom started as an innocent little living costume spawned out of Secret Wars. It took four or five years' worth of comics before he became the evil, brain-eating antihero we all love to hate.

Simply plopping him into a film willy-nilly is a disservice to the fans and shows poor craftsmanship on the side of the producers. The people behind the have proven time and again that they are masters of their craft, cranking out hit after massive hit. There have been some missteps along the way, to be fair. A forced romance between Black Widow and Bruce Banner for one, and a stunning lack of decent villains, with the exception of Loki, is another. But this is their opportunity to see one previous fail turn into a win.

To The Future And Beyond

Infinity War promises to be a movie that places each fan on the edge of their seats before blowing them out of it. This is the culmination of a decades' worth of film and story development. Since the film is so early in production, we have nothing to do but speculate. The Russos have given us two fantastic entries in Captain America: Winter Soldier and Civil War, respectively. I have no doubt that we are in good hands.

Avengers: Infinity War is set to hit theaters on May, 4, 2018. Do you think we could see the Venom Symbiote in this film? Sound off in the comments below!

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