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Do you remember seeing hobble down the red carpet at the Oscars? We all wondered what could have possibly happened to the Twilight starlet. Well, actually to be honest, I wasn't too fussed. I wondered more about why she hadn't splashed out some more glamorous crutches. I mean, come on KStew, you're at the Oscars, make an effort. At least spray paint them gold or something...

Anyway, we've since found out she hurt her foot on a piece of broken glass just prior to the Academy Awards. However, it now seems to have healed up nicely, perhaps thanks to the bedside manner of a close friend. Apparently, Kirsten has been increasingly hanging out with Twilight co-star . She told Entertainment Weekly:

It’s been so long since we've been in [L.A.] at the same time. I've been seeing a lot of that young lout.

Of course, what I'm supposed to wryly imply is that there is some sort of romance blooming between the two, but y'know, there probably isn't. But, if you feel that event would somehow make your life more exciting then please go ahead and think it.

It seems since Twilight stopped filming the two stars have not been seeing a lot of each other, so I think it's kind of natural for them to catch up while they're both in the same geographic location, right?

Meanwhile, is a world away filming The Rover in Australia. According to Hollywood Life he's also been seen talking to the opposite sex! He even complimented someone on their hair! What a scandal!

Anyway, what do you think it going on? Another sordid affair, or just two people behaving amicably towards one another in a completely non-sexy, platonic relationship. Give me your insight below.


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