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and just can't get over each other since their break-up. This love seems to have taken it's toll on both of them.

Last week, Stewart was reportedly furious at her former lover for cheapening their reltionship and now sources are reporting that Pattinson is not himself either.

The Twilight star has apparently thrown himself into the LA party scene after Stewart had cheated on him with director .

People close to him started to worry that he is not going the right direction.

A source told to The Sun via Dailymail:

Kristen broke his heart, he has not been the same since she cheated.

His team don't want him to be defined by what club he goes to or what women he dates.

The star has recently been seen partying with and , who were both rumored to have drug problems.

The Daily Mail also speculated if Pattinson's apparently swollen hands could be a souvenir from a fight... This would not be the first time, as Pattinson allegedly harassed a security guard in August, who he mistook for a paparazzi photographer. Or maybe he has just slipped in the bathtub and hit his hand...

Let's just hope that the actor will keep himself busy with working instead of partying and fighting. He has various projects going on to keep his thoughts off Kristen Stewart. He has been casted for two biopic films: 's Gertrude Bell biopic Queen of the Desert and in 's Life, where he will play the Life magazin photographer Dennis Stock. He also needs to get into good shape for his role in Mission: Blacklist as Eric Maddox, the military interpreter who helped hunting down Saddam Hussein.

(via Dailymail)


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