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I hope you're in the mood for speculating, because we've got some seriously speculatable material coming your way. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 director recently tweeted a new picture from behind the scenes. On the face of things, it's not very exciting, but could it be hinting at a massive, previously unknown plot development? Check out the tweet below:

(via Marc Webb's Twitter)

Ok, so it's some kind of locker, right? Sure, but the internet has exploded with speculation as to what's inside. It certainly looks like one of those refrigerated drawers, which opens up an exciting possibility. Could it be the locker from which the Venom symbiote escapes? In the Ultimate Spider-Man series of comics, the Venom symbiote was originally developed by Richard Parker and Eddie Brock in an attempt to cure cancer. After believing the experiment had failed, the results were consigned to an Oscorp locker until rediscovered by Peter Parker and Eddie Brock, Jr. Check out the panel below:

(via ComicBookMovie)

That does look pretty similar, right? Combine this with another Marc Webb tweet which suggests The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will return to Oscorp, and we've got the possibility of Venom coming out to play.

However, another possibility could be the importance of the number '14'. The Amazing Spider-Man issue #14 was the first time we met the Green Goblin, a character whose presence in Webb's sequel has already been hinted at.

What do you think? Could we be seeing the new version of Venom? Let us know below.


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