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Sophie Atkinson

Marvel fans can sleep easy again!

Ghost Rider co-creator Gary Friedrich clashed with Marvel over who exactly owns the rights to the character. All the way back in 1972, Friedrich introduced a version of the superhero in a story in Marvel Spotlight #5 but Marvel argued back that as a freelancer, he had signed an agreement saying that all and any creations of his belonged to the publisher.

However, when Friedrich's lawyers argued the terms of that agreement were 'ambiguous', it looked possible that Friedrich would have a fighting chance when the case went to trial in November. Which would have meant...god knows. That Ghost Rider was no longer part of the Marvel universe? No a-may-zing Marvel Ghost Rider movie?

It's all water under the bridge now, as Marvel and Gary Friedrich have settled out of court (let's assume that a good proportion of magical Marvel gold has changed hands) and Ghost Rider's safely back in the Marvel stable. After Ghost Rider has had several cancelled comic book runs and two unsuccessful movies, whether Marvel actually goes on to use their hard-won rights will remain to be seen.

This said, Marvel can now produce any number of comic books, movies or TV series using Ghost Rider that the character's safely back with them. And hey, maybe it'll be third time lucky on a Ghost Rider film front.

A good reason to break out a bottle of bubbly? Or should Marvel have let the creator retain the rights? Let us know your thoughts below!


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