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Fanboys of all things robots, mechanical and smash-n-grab rejoice, Pacific Rim is out this week! Except, it could have been a completely different story - director could have skipped on his pet project, and instead been currently busy directing the Hobbit trilogy!

If we cast our minds back, Del Toro was originally slated to direct the Middle Earth three-parter, and contributed set and wardrobe designs as well as animatics before he handed the project over to , citing ongoing delays in production as the reason. He briefly spoke to Vulture Magazine about it. When asked if any of his designs for Smaug made the cut for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, he stated: "I haven't seen the second movie". "I haven't seen the first movie, so I don't know. I've been busy making my own movies. [Laughs]."

The big question is: has Del Toro really not seen the film, one he's still credited as co-writer on? It seems logical. Think about it like this: after a break-up, would you go and hang around with said ex and their new flame?

BUT this situation is a lot different. Directors join, leave and are dropped by projects all the time - the pre-production merry-go-round on many Hollywood features is quite tumultuous. There's not necessarily leftover disdain. And Del Toro, to all extents and purposes, left the feature because of ongoing delays (back in the days of MGM's severe financial troubles). It didn't, at the time, seem to be acrimonious.

So, shockingly, I'm falling for the 'busy' excuse. What with Pacific Rim gearing up for release and IGN have also noted he also is penned to shoot both Crimson Peak and the pilot for The Strain next year, Del Toro has a lot on his plate.

Regardless of this, Del Toro probably wants to talk about Pacific Rim in his interviews, not an old project from eons ago.

What does everybody think? Longingly wish had directed The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey?


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