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As attention continues to be heaped upon latest project, a little indie film called Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens, the future of the Star TREK franchise is still a bit uncertain. However, according to Deadline, it looks like a prospective Abrams replacement from Star Trek Beyond development past is once again in the conversation, and it's looking even more likely that he will be the next to sit in the franchise's captain's chair.

That man? .

Joe directed Attack the Block in 2011, a British sci-fi actioner about a group of inner-city youths who must stand against a horde of alien beasts besieging their apartment block. Cornish, along with Edgar Wright, also co-wrote The Adventures of Tintin and the upcoming Ant-Man with . It is said that the studio is "sweet" on him, but no deal has been finalized as of this posting.

I cannot even tell you how happy it would make me if Cornish got the gig. Attack the Block was probably my favorite film of 2011 and is a movie still on constant rotation at my home. What Cornish did with Attack the Block was craft a compelling and unique science-fiction story without the crutch of an extravagant effects budget. Not only that, but he took a group of unknown young actors and molded them into distinct memorable characters. Imagine what he could then do with established actors once again inhabiting beloved genre mainstays?

I'm actually hoping that Cornish is given the directing job AND allowed to collaborate on the screenplay.

What do you guys think?


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