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We've started to get a pretty good look at Man of Steel recently — we've got images, trailers and a pretty complete casting list. There is one character, however, who has eluded all of this publicity: Jimmy Olson. Jimmy, Clark Kent's pal over at the Daily Planet, is usually depicted as a young, freckly ginger-haired fellow. It's not unusual for movies to slightly alter a comic book character's appearance, but there's a rumor going around that 's Man of Steel may have gone farther than the rest — by turning him into a girl. has uncovered a triple threat of evidence to back up this assertion. Firstly, actress Rebecca Buller is listed on IMDB as appearing as a 'Jenny Olsen'. IMDB is occasionally wrong, but with no Jimmy currently cast it does look suspicious. My second point: In the recent trailer we see Buller fleeing a collapsing Daily Planet with editor-in-chief Perry White (). This would seem to suggest Jenny is an employee of the newspaper. See?

And thirdly? Well, we have to dive into the DC archives to find an edition of Superman #349. In this edition Superman returns to Earth to find that everyone has had their gender reversed. It features a panel which shows a female Jimmy, called Jenny. Check it out below:

I'm starting to think these rumors might be true. How about you? Do you think Jimmy has become Jenny? And how do you feel about this slight deviation from the comic book canon? Let us know below!

Man of Steel is due to release on June 14, 2013. To get all the incoming Superman news, make sure to [[follow]] the movie.

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