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If you're a fan of AMC's The Killing, then some sad news is coming your way: AMC has stated for the record they are officially, for real this time, not joking you guys, cancelled the police drama.

The series has had a short-lived, but rather complicated lifespan, with AMC supposedly cancelling the show after its second season, then Netflix stating they were in talks to resurrect the series, and then AMC reneging on their decision to cancel it, choosing instead to air an original third season.

But three seasons seems to be enough, with AMC releasing an official "Thanks for the memories" statement:

We have made the difficult decision not to move forward with a fourth season of The Killing. We want to thank our great partners at Fox Television Studios, creator Veena Sud, an extraordinary cast and the dedicated fans who watched.

But don't shed many tears for the series' stars, and . The pair have seemed to hedge their bets, making the jump to the big screen in their off-season: Enos with this summer's blockbuster hit World War Z, and Kinnaman taking over the eponymous role in the upcoming remake of RoboCop.

It remains to be seen whether or not Netflix would still be interested in picking up where AMC is leaving off, but for now, The Killing is officially killed.

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