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Venom will ditch Eddie Brock's villainous nature in favor of a more heroic approach, and as with every good superhero/antihero adventure, there needs to be an antagonist. In the case of our favorite black goo-sporting antihero, Brock will be going up against his longtime nemesis and offspring, Carnage. To the frustration of eager fans though, the casting of the character has been quite the mystery.

Back in early October, when Jenny Slate was revealed to have joined the movie as an undisclosed scientist, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that was still looking for someone to play Carnage, but no more updates were given. Fortunately, it looks like we just got a solid candidate for Cletus Kasady.

Could Scott Haze Be Playing Carnage In The 'Venom' Movie?

Haze in 'Child of God' [Credit: Spotlight Pictures]
Haze in 'Child of God' [Credit: Spotlight Pictures]

The film's cast has been coming together nicely with a slew of announcements over the past few months. Now (Child of God, Thank You For Your Service) has joined the project in a role that's being kept under wraps. Studios keeping a role undisclosed prior to filming is fairly a common thing, especially for blockbusters. But my spider-senses started tingling when I realized just how much the actor looks like Kasady from the comics.

I'm only speculating, but such striking resemblance makes me wonder whether Haze was tapped to play the red psychotic killer. Admittedly, speculating on casting announcements is a difficult endeavor, because an actor resembling a character doesn't necessarily mean they're playing that person. With that said, let's have some fun and assume for a few minutes that Haze has indeed signed the dotted line to portray Carnage.

Would The Actor Be A Good Fit For The Character?

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

is one of the most unique comic book baddies out there. Yes, superheroes have no shortage of deranged psychopaths to punch, but is no ordinary criminal. He follows no logic or concise plan. He just enjoys killing others and watching his victims suffer with no real endgame. The guy is madness personified, and he needs an actor who can effortlessly translate that to the screen, someone who can make that kind of unhinged portrayal feel natural.

Haze has that capability. He's got a number of impressive performances under his belt, but one of his best was in the aforementioned Child of God. The James Franco-directed thriller centers around a man named Lester Ballard (Haze), who, unwilling to follow society's norms, decides to live by his own laws.

Unsurprisingly, that strategy doesn't work out for him, like, at all. Ballard starts to slowly lose his mind as a result of his self-professed freedom until he becomes a true monster. Countless movies have explored a character's descent into madness, but Haze's performance sets the film in question apart from the rest. He took audiences on a true psychological journey of the loss of grasp on reality. With that performance as a template, I would be ecstatic to see him getting into the unstable mind of Cletus Kasady.

Granted, Haze could be playing an entirely different character in 's live-action comic book tale. But in the chance my speculation is correct and he's indeed playing the ruthless villain, I can't wait to see what he can do with the part.

Venom will come face-to-face with Carnage when his solo film swings into theaters on October 5, 2018.

Would you like to see Scott Haze as Carnage in Venom? Do you think he's playing the character? Let me know in the comments!

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