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continues to amaze me with his wit, socio-political commentary, and his unabashed insight on topics that are all too real for him as the son of Muslim immigrants.

In his newest special, Hasan Minhaj takes us on a audio-visual journey through his childhood, adolescence, and adulthood with nuggets of information that are both relevant and painfully funny at times.

Check out the trailer below:

I Have A Sister?

One of the greatest aspects about Minhaj's special is that he never loses sight of where his story is going. He begins with anecdotes of being in Davis, California living with his dad, while his mother was still living in India waiting for her immigration paperwork to go through. He remembers missing his mother for many years until her arrival with an unexpected addition to the family, a five year old sister he didn't even know about, completely turns his world upside down. Nobody had bothered to tell him that he had a sister and he immediately hates her for existing because she wasn't supposed to be a part of his happy family equation. Of course, as the special goes on, he realizes and acknowledges that his sister is one of the best people in his life and without her, his life wouldn't be the same today.

From Pizza Hut To The Daily Show

If you've already watched on , then you've seen the hilarious commercial that Hasan Minhaj did a couple years back. As embarrassing as that ad is, it's evidence that Minhaj is quite charismatic and willing to put himself out there. It's been a struggle, I'm sure, but thankfully the people over at Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart saw potential in him.

As Minhaj recalls the day he walked into The Daily Show headquarters, he remembers seeing all the previous correspondents before him like , , and . He explains being starstruck as Jon Stewart walked into the room and introduced himself. He describes Stewart as a Jewish Yoda, wise beyond his years, a man whose facial scruff made him approachable. If it were me, I'd have totally choked a la Bunny Rabbit in 8 Mile. To think that he was able to walk those halls, audition in front of , and get the job is insane on some many levels because he was the first correspondent that wasn't white and that was relatable on a different level that had not been seen before on The Daily Show.

What's Next?

He's done stand-up. He's roasted at the White House Correspondents Dinner this year. He's got his own special, . He's done an ad for . So what's next?

To be honest, Hasan Minhaj has become one of my favorite comedians because I always want to know what else he's doing. He's the kind of person that's not afraid to push the limits of political satire and comedy as many greats have done before him. I mean, his mentor/Jewish Yoda is Jon Stewart. With that kind of tutelage, he's going to do great things for years to come and might I add, Hasan Minhaj truly is the cure for racism this country desperately needs.

Don't miss out on Hasan Minhaj's Homecoming King Netflix special. It truly is a wonderfully crafted comedic journey you won't regret watching.


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