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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

Check these haunting new promos for A&E's upcoming psychological cop drama Those Who Kill, another TV show adapted from a Scandinavian original.

In the videos, we get a sense that both the main characters, played by and , are caught up in their investigations in difficult and complex ways as they attempt to 'get into the mind' of their suspects. Watch the new trailers below:



Sevigny has had a controversial career, famously performing unsimulated fellatio on co-star in the 2003 film, The Brown Bunny. While that lead some to predict the demise of her career, she has in fact gone from strength to strength, with a much admired role in the HBO series Big Love, and more recently starring as a transgender hit-man in the British series Hit & Miss.

So will this be a hit for Sevigny? Watch the videos and write in with your thoughts below the line.

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