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Not sure what you buy your Walking Dead obsessed loved one? Well, nothing says Merry Christmas like merchandise covered in undead corpses!

MTV has recently collated all The Walking Dead goodies you can imagine into one easily scroll-able article. Take a look at all the various Walking Dead branded stuff you can throw cash at below:

Survivor Robe

$49.99, ThinkGeek

Zombie Leggings

$27, Her Universe

The Walking Dead Pristine First Edition

$16,000, eBay

Walking Dead Season 3 Limited Edition

$154, Amazon

Ear Necklace

$25, Etsy

Michonne And Glow In The Dark Pets

$24.99, Entertainment Earth

Lifesize Cardboard Standup Posters

$34.95, Amazon

Winged Leather Vest

$80, TAG Graphics

Zombie Bottle Opener

$17.99, ThinkGeek

The Walking Dead: Season Two -- A Telltale Game Series

$22.49, Steam

Minimalist Art Prints

$32.99, Etsy

Governor Kill Them All! Shirt

$15.99, Entertainment Earth

Original Comic Art

$150-$4500, Splashpage Comic Art

Deadventure Time Poster

$20, Etsy

Issue 100 Cover Rockmaster Electric Guitar

$224.99, Entertainment Earth

Michonne Signed Resin Statue

$342, Amazon

The Walking Dead Monopoly/Risk

$49.99/$39.99, Diamond

The Walking Dead Comic Omnibus Volume 1 - First 24 issues

Horde 2 Vannen Watch

$59.99, Entertainment Earth

Rick Grimes Badge Prop Replica

$98.99, Entertainment Earth

The Walking Dead Table Lamp

$44.99, Amazon

What do you think? Any of this take your fancy? Let us know what your favorite item of merchandise is in the comments section below. Who knows, maybe even Santa will see...

Source: MTV


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