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The Hayden/Rachel ship was the definition of OTP for many Star Wars and Jumper fans in the late 2000s. We fell in love with their electrifying chemistry as David and Millie — and we found their off-screen romance honest and captivating. Their unspoken rule on privacy was a breath of fresh air in paparazzi-infested Hollywood, where privacy seems to now be a relic of a time long gone. Sadly, it seems their time together is finally up as well.

A source reports that the couple had already broken up and have been for a couple of months now. Bilson is now in Los Angeles, whereas Christensen is in Toronto. According to the source, they are “completely, officially done.”

So far, there’s been no word from either Christensen or Bilson on the matter. It remains unclear why they had suddenly decided to part ways.

The last Instagram post about Christensen from Bilson’s account is from this year, dated June 19. Bilson and their daughter had greeted Christensen a happy father’s day. She had also previously greeted him a happy birthday. Check it out below:

They were so sweet. It seems hard to believe this is even real. But hey — life happens. Maybe they’re in a better place now.


Christensen and Bilson, both 36, first met on the set of , where they co-starred as childhood sweethearts David Rice and Millie Harris. Since then, they had been dating, only to briefly split and call off their engagement in August 2010, then reconcile three months later. They’ve since had one baby girl, affectionately named Briar Rose after the famous Sleeping Beauty (both actors are huge Disney fans). She was born in October 2014.

Christensen and Bilson join the ranks of high-profile, beloved couples that have split this year, the list including Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, Chris Evans and Jenny Slate, and Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. Christensen is best known for his standout role as Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader in the prequels, while Bilson got her big break when she landed the role of Summer Roberts in The O.C..

Were you a fan of Riceball and Millie back in the day? What do you think of this recent celebrity split?

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