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Alisha Grauso

, the pint-sized star of ABC's Nashville has always been a ball of cute, whether she's a cheerleader with superpowers to the girlfriend of a giant boxer.

In a recent interview and photoshoot with Glamour, she opens up about her new role on the hit drama as a country music star:

I don;t look at it as a second chance; I look at it as where Im supposed to be. Even if I’m not perfect at it, even if my voice takes work, this is where my heart is. People used to ask me, "What kind of music do you like?" I’d say, "Country." Then they’d go, "But you’re from New York." I thought people would think I was trying to be something I’m not. But the industry of country music is unbelievably accepting. The fans are unreal. There’s no judgment; it’s just, Let’s all get together in a massive backyard and have a barbecue and drink and have fun.

Now, I'm not sure I agree with her assessment of the accepting nature of country music fans (Just ask the Dixie Chicks what happens when you stop drinking the Kool-Aid), but still, she's adorable. Here she is, getting playful and summery:


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