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After a ruthless couple of years, nearly two dozen awesome new Game of Thrones photos have emerged for Season 3 of the HBO hit. Here we have our first official look at several new characters, among them Jojen () and Meera Reed (), the Blackfish (), Thoros (), and Beric Dondarrion (). Season three also promises the chance to learn more and meet other members of House Tyrells - most notably their acerbic grandmother, Olenna, AKA the Queen of Thorns, who, rather brilliantly, will be played by .

Have a gander at the images below:

(via The Playlist)

Mance (Ciaran Hinds) looks so much older than I thought, and a lot less handsome. But then again, this guy played Caesar in HBO and BBC's Rome and proved he's a tremendously good actor.

Game of Thrones Season 3 begins March 31st (but you've already got your A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar marked, right?). Let the games begin!


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