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True Blood super-fans, rejoice! Whilst Season 6 continues its run of form, HBO has released a new 'Poster Collection' book. Blood-splattered taglines, blood-splattered bodies - True Blood has never been afraid of a tasty poster and now they are all together in one big publication!

It's one for the mega-fans really, but the posters are uniformly great, and among the most distinguishable of all modern TV series - and showed a great deal of love for the vamp-pun. 'Waiting sucks', 'Get Your Fill', 'Don't Cry. It's back'. True Blood HQ is a veritable pun factory.

Still it was THIS Rolling Stone shot - not an official one (!) - that's my favorite:

Here's the press release for the book:

“Experience the steamiest stills and hottest poster art from the HBO hit series “True Blood” in this definitive poster collection. Showcasing the super sleek and bitingly witty poster campaigns for the series alongside revealing portraits of its best-loved characters, including Sookie Stackhouse, Eric Northman, and Bill Compton, this collection brings together the very best imagery from the bayous of Bon Temps.

Available now, the hardcover book features 40 removable 12” x 16” posters for the suggested retail price of $24.99.”

Gonna spend your dollar on the True Blood Poster Collection? Enjoying Season 6? Jump in with your comments below!


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