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There have been two novel adaptations rumored to be in the works that have caused me to lose my mind (in a good way) over the past year. One has been the thus far ill-fated and collaboration for The Dark Tower project. The other, which gives me more hope we'll see it on a screen, is HBO's American Gods adaptation of the novel of the same name.

But all has been fairly quiet regarding the American Gods project for a while, with Gaiman giving occasional updates but virtually nothing coming from the HBO camp. But the incredibly social media-savvy Gaiman recently took over the official Twitter feed for the Cambridge International Student Film Festival and dropped a few new details about the project. Namely that yes, it is still happening:

-The premiere episode of American Gods will be a lot like the opening chapters of the book, but will also contain new elements and details.

-The first two seasons of the show will consist of the book. By then Gaiman hopes to have the American Gods sequel novel written and headed for release.

-American Gods will debut this year if Gaiman can get the pilot script done in time to HBO’s satisfaction.

So basically, it looks like a matter of Gaiman having to retweak some things regarding the original novel in order for it to be a workable pilot for the small screen.

In any case, it's happening, you guys. IT'S HAPPENING. And with the group behind the amazing Game of Thrones backing it, it can only be another great fantasy series offering for television.


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