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If you're like me, then you didn't watch Gossip Girl and didn't even know there was a movie being planned. If you're NOT like me, then you did know there was a movie in the works and that oh my God, that witch is holding up the production by refusing to sign on.

At least, that's the latest rumor churning in the gossip mill. You know, for those of you, like me, thinking, "What?"

Here's the deal, according to Digital Spy: Apparently, there is a Gossip Girl movie being put together, but the catch is that one person from the original cast has refused to sign, and that would be Blake Lively. Why? Because, a source told Star magazine, she is "desperate" to avoid reprising her role of Serena Van Der Woodsen and is "infuriating" her former co-stars.

"She's being pressured on all sides to sign on," said the source. "She thinks it's a terrible idea and is desperate to avoid the project.

Lively's reps, meanwhile, have of course refuted everything, stating that the actress was "unaware there was even a Gossip Girl movie in the works".

Now, what the rep said up above? Yeah, that's total BS. There is no way arguably the biggest star of the show doesn't get told about this from the beginning. There is no way Lively has not known about this for months, if not a few years now. And there is no way that she hasn't been getting pressured to sign.

But here's the thing: She doesn't have to. Unless she's contractually obligated, which she's clearly not or else she'd be signed already, she doesn't have to do a damn thing. And the girl has been clearly working HARD to shed her small-screen persona and step away from her CW days and break into the big screen. You could see her making her play to break away from her Gossip Girl image before the show had even wrapped, landing roles in Green Lantern and Savages and getting all married to and currently being rumored to be up for the role of Mary Austin, Freddie Mercury's girlfriend in he upcoming biopic starring .

The girl's PR machine has been working overtime to help her to make the leap from CW "mocktress" to bona fide Hollywood actress, and you can be sure that jumping back into the role of Serena would only set back those plans in a big way. It hasn't quite worked yet, but she's almost there. She's right at that teetering point that many television actresses and actors reach where the next project they sign on for could tip them over the edge into honest-to-God A-lister or relegated to television B-list forever.

So it makes sense that she wouldn't accept the Gossip Girl role, and as for me, I say, you get yours, girl. If she doesn't want to do it, that's her prerogative, and she has too much ambition to be held back.


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