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As we are left reeling from White Walker reveals, frosty farewells, and a big defeat for Team Daenerys, fans of HBO's Game of Thrones are feverishly looking toward the Season 7 finale. It has certainly been a dramatic season for the Seven Kingdoms, and we have marveled while Lena Headey's Cersei Lannister has tightened her grip as the ferocious female on the Iron Throne. That being said, there have been winter warmers beyond the Wall as the Night King and his band of snowy scoundrels finally made moves toward taking over the realm. So, with just seven episodes left EVER of , let's see what is going down in Westeros this week.


While most of the action is centered in sunnier climes for the finale, it hasn't stopped director Jeremy Podeswa taking us on the usual snowy interlude to Winterfell. The tension has been ramped up over the past few weeks, and we have seen Lady Sansa become increasingly isolated from her sword-savvy sister.

Episode 6 had that puzzling face off (literally) between Sansa and Arya, while the gloomy trailer for next week shows a lone Sansa brooding on the battlements. However, with Petyr Baelish still playing puppet master behind the scenes, can Littlefinger really bring down the Stark siblings?

Feed 'Em To The Grey Worms

Huzzah! After weeks of being left in Thrones limbo, it looks like Grey Worm hasn't been forgotten. Last we heard, the Unsullied were being slowly starved after their short-lived capture of Casterly Rock, but it is a relief to know that the show hasn't lost a eunuch yet. The promo for Episode 7 sees Grey Worm's forces bolstered by the Dothraki horde as they ride for the Lannisters — or what remains of them.

An obviously concerned Bronn and Jaime watch Dany's approaching army, which makes sense given that the bromancing duo barely escaped with their lives last time. With (apparently) no dragons around to BBQ them this time, hopefully the Kingslayer and the sellsword will make it into Season 8 in one piece.

It's The Pits

It was off to film in Spain for a meeting of the minds, and the finale takes us to the infamous Dragonpit by King's Landing for the showdown of all showdowns. Sadly, it doesn't look like there will be any major battles to round off Season 7, but we can only imagine that it won't be all tea and cake when Cersei meets with her biggest foes.

With a newly acquired wight from beyond the Wall, Jon Snow aims to prove that the race to the Iron Throne isn't all our favorite faces should be worried about. Worryingly, we all know about Cersei's vicious streak, and with her nemesis Tyrion in attendance, will everyone be getting out of the pits alive?

Bowl Up, Bowl Up

So, with the who's who of Westeros gathered together, fans are obviously wondering who could be up for the chop this time. We know that the finale will feature that mysterious shot of Sandor Clegane from the trailer, leading us to hope that this week will finally gift us that hotly anticipated Cleganebowl. You can only imagine Cersei Lannister putting her zombie Mountain into action, leading to the perfect opportunity for the Hound to exact revenge for his fiery facial as a child. Place your bets now, Thrones fans.

Dragon Me Down

After the spectacular death of Viserion in Episode 6, how will Daenerys cope without her trio of terrifying blowtorches? While we are yet to see any dragons or even Dany in the finale trailer, it just wouldn't be the Dragonpit without their arrival. Presuming that something does go wrong as our heroes meet with Cersei, another last minute arrival from Dany atop her (two remaining) dragons would certainly come in handy.

Either way, we should surely expect a blood and sun-soaked finale to a season of power shifts, epics battles, and tragic losses. With only one week to go before an agonizing wait ahead of the final season, make the most of those flapping dragons while you can, Thrones fans.


Will the Season 7 finale of 'Game of Thrones' live up to its own hype?


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