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This week, a talented Marvel fan upped the Spider-Man game by merging the web-slinging superhero with the Keyblade-wielding Vanitas, a pivotal character at the center of the Kingdom Hearts action role-playing universe.

Ernesto Garcia (otherwise known on Instagram as @sonicspiderman) teamed up with Movie Pilot to show us his most effective cosplay talents — a persona he refers to as the "Heartless Spider-Man" — in a 20-minute Facebook clip. But first, check out the epic before-and-after pictures below:

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Telling us a little about himself, Ernesto also revealed how long he's been cosplaying, saying:

"I'm a student and I have been a Southern California based cosplayer for about 2 years. I'm mainly known for portraying Spider-Man and doing mashups of the character. My most well known mashup would be Heartless-Spider-Man, a mashup of Spidey and a Kingdom Hearts character name Vanitas."

In addition to this, the Sonic Spiderman shared what he does when he's not pulling on that skin-tight Spidey-hybrid suit. He added:

"I'm planning on graduating with a Socio-Psychology degree and continuing in my schooling alongside gaining more skills as a cosplayer."

I don't know about you guys, but I think that Ernesto has some pretty awesome cosplay mash-up skills!

For a step-by-step guide to the entire cosplaying transformation, check out Ernesto in SuperNewsLive's Facebook below:

Tune in to the Instastory on @supernewslive every Wednesday from 6PM PT, where true fans show off their awesome cosplay skills and transform themselves into your favorite TV/movie characters.

Share your best Spider-Man cosplay in the comments below!

[Credit: Columbia Pictures]
[Credit: Columbia Pictures]


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