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The CW have just begun their historical four-episode mega Invasion crossover and it's crazy to think that this all began back in 2012 with Arrow. The show about a guy who shoots arrows into criminals spawned companion shows about a guy who runs fast and a team of time-traveling misfits. Crazy, right?

Arrowverse creator has stated on a few occasions that there will be no more Arrow spin-offs and one can guess this is due to having four of the shows on during the course of the week. However, with the recent revelation that Legends Of Tomorrow will be moving to the 9pm time slot on Tuesdays, straight after The Flash, there are already talks of another Arrowverse spin-off taking its place on Thursdays, and it is not what you're expecting.

At the red carpet premiere of 's 100th episode, executive producer Marc Guggenheim was asked by Nerdist which character will be next to get a spin-off.

“It’s funny, I was actually talking with Dominic Purcell last night about Rory getting his own show, Mick Rory. The more we talked about it, the more I started thinking about it. It would be so crazy and I’m always drawn to the crazy.”

Certainly a shocking answer to say the least. Heat Wave would have been the last character you'd expect to get a spin-off series. That being said, he is easily the most entertaining character on , but would he work well without the rest of the cast of Legends? His whole appeal comes from his hilarious interactions with Ray Palmer and his penchant for ruining the team's plans, so a standalone show just wouldn't work well for Heat Wave.

It's great to know that the CW are in fact discussing possible spin-offs for the , but there are characters that are in dire need of a spin-off a lot more than Mick Rory.


Can you remember the backlash Tyler Hoechlin faced after the first image of him as Superman was released online? Fast forward a few months and fans are hoping that the man will receive his own spin-off. definitely defied the critics with his astonishing portrayal which was reminiscent of both Dean Cain and Christopher Reeve's iterations of the Man of Steel.

Hoechlin's Superman was exactly the kind of Superman we need in this day and age. The CW needed to differentiate between Henry Cavill's Superman and they did exactly that. They gave us a who inspired hope in others and was beloved by the world.

A CW Superman series would benefit from the character's already rich lore. We know that this Superman has been operating for over ten years in Metropolis, and has already fought the likes of Lex Luthor and is a member of the Legion of Superheroes. There is a lot of history to work with, and we already know that CW can pull of Superman.


To say that fans want a Constantine revival on the CW would be an understatement. The character's guest appearance on Arrow sparked fans' interest in a series revival. A spin-off would massively benefit the Arrowverse. Arrow's fourth season attempted to juggle the magical element and it was negatively received, not because of the theme of magic, but because of how poorly it was executed. Having a Constantine spin-off would allow the CW to explore the magical side of the Arrowverse and bring in beloved fan favorites such as Zatanna and Doctor Fate.

Of course there are a series of complications when it comes to Constantine. The character rights are currently owned by NBC, and the appearance on Arrow was a one time only deal between NBC and CW. However, if CW were able to work out a deal with NBC over the rights of Constantine, a spin-off would most definitely be on the table.

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Young Justice/Titans

After TNT scrapped their plans for a Titans series starring , fans began to speculate if the CW's rumored "team up" series was in fact a Titans TV series. Obviously that series turned out to be Legends of Tomorrow and speculation of a series began to die down. Then the CW shows began to introduce some very interesting characters.

Artemis, Kid Flash, Miss Martian and Arsenal are all mainstays of the Young Justice television series and before these newer season, only Arsenal existed in the Arrowverse. The casting of these characters got fans excited at the possibility of seeing a live action Young Justice team within the Arrowverse, or at least the Titans.

Of course, Young Justice has recently been revived for its long-awaited third season so the chances of seeing the team in live action are very slim. Also, both Artemis and Kid Flash are playing pivotal and major roles in their respective shows so taking them off those shows and putting them in another would be a drastic move. While it is unlikely, it doesn't mean that we don't deserve a Young Justice/ Titans TV series!

Whatever character(s) decide to grant a spin-off to, it's only a matter of time before they actually announce a future spin-off. Who would you like to see get a spin-off? Do you think we actually need one?


Which spin-off would you like to see?

[Source: Nerdist]


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