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It's been almost a decade since we lost actor due to an accidental drug overdose at the tragically young age of 28, but it appears that the investigation into his death is still raising quite a few eyebrows.

In particular, a few reports have surfaced claiming that Ledger's obsession with The Joker around the filming of The Dark Knight was far more unsettling than previously thought. According to the New York Post, the actor's NYC apartment resembled a clinically clean shrine to the psychopathic villain. Watch him in action below:

When police were called to the actor's Soho loft back in 2008, they allegedly walked into an apartment filled to the brim with highly organized Batman comic books, Joker literature, various clown statues and even recordings of Ledger practicing his voice for the role. It was also reported that:

“He was studying up on the origins of clowns and all of the previous Jokers like Jack Nicholson’s character and Cesar Romero’s, who was the first Joker on TV. He was trying to make his role different from the roles of the other actors. He was even studying how to make his voice different from theirs."

Alongside this, the actor's bound journal was found with "The Joker" emblazoned on the front – the contents ranged from pictures, comic strips and drawings of clowns and hyenas.

Detectives also took note of the fact that Heath's apartment was "immaculately clean" and it was clear he treated his source material with reverence:

“He was a perfectionist who clearly had a lot of respect for the character. All of that stuff was very tidy. He cared a lot about it.”

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Ultimately, this isn't the first time that Heath Ledger's dedication to his most infamous role has made headlines. Even before the time of his death, many close to him were already aware that the actor was entering a dark period of his life, increasingly turning to prescription drugs as he dealt with the pressure of bringing one of the most psychotic characters of the superhero world to life.

And even when speaking to Empire about The Joker right before his death, it was as if Ledger already recognized the potentially devastating effect the villain would have on him. He said:

"I ended up landing more in the realm of a psychopath — someone with very little to no conscience towards his acts. He’s just an absolute sociopath, a cold-blooded, mass-murdering clown … Nothing intimidates him, and everything is a big joke.”

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