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After disappearing way back in Season 7 Episode 6, Walking Dead fans are still yet to find out where character Heath went after getting separated from Tara during a scuffle with some walkers on a bridge.

Heath disappeared almost without a trace, leaving behind only his glasses, some tire tracks and a key card with 'PPP' written on the back. While it was theorized he may have joined another community in the area, we're yet to see evidence of this, and it seems just as likely that he's in another place altogether— or even died somewhere along the way. But while it's been over 10 episodes since Heath disappeared, a recent announcement could mean The Walking Dead fans are one step closer to finally getting an answer about Heath's whereabouts.

After leaving The Walking Dead, actor Corey Hawkins went on to star as lead character Eric Carter in Fox's 24: Legacy. However, Deadline have just confirmed that Fox will not be renewing the show for a second season. As gutted as 24: Legacy fans are over the news, this does mean that Hawkins may now have room in his schedule for other series.

That's not to say that Hawkins isn't busy — in fact it's far from it for the Juilliard-trained actor. The 28-year-old is currently starring as Paul in a 15 week run of the Broadway production of Six Degrees of Separation, a role that earned him a nomination for the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play. However, with production wrapping up in a few weeks time, this could leave Hawkins with time to head to Georgia and reprise his role as Heath — if only to quickly wrap up the storyline.

While only time will tell whether Hawkins will ever appear as Heath again (after all, the show could leave his whereabouts a great mystery, like that of Season 1 character Morales), there's no doubt he'd certainly be welcomed back by fans dying to know whether or not Heath lives.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Season 8 in October.


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