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Abi Toll

According to, Variety have reported that the rights to Heavy Metal Magazine- formally owned by Kevin Eastmanto- have now been sold to 'new investors David Boxembaun and film producer Jeff Krelitz'; who will both become joint CEO's.

Whilst details have still not made it into the public domain, it is understood that 'Eastman- co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- will stay on as the magazine’s publisher'. have said that:

The new team plans to turn Heavy Metal into a kind of publishing banner for all manner of science fiction and fantasy content across multiple mediums. Several projects have already been moved under this new banner, included two adaptations of Image Comics properties: the animated, direct-to-video and live action adaptations of Chew, and the television adaptation of Peter Panzerfaust with .

Since 1977, Heavy Metal has taken its form as a predominantly adult sci-fi and fantasy magazine. It is now however, being primed for the music sphere among other areas, where all are committed to proliferating 'genre entertainment to the masses'. elaborated that:

It has also enjoyed a 1981 animated film featuring and and the film rights were finally obtained 'by ’s Quick Draw Studios in 2011'.

So there you have it! Are you a fan of the old zines and are you looking forward to the new incarnation of ?




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