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David Latona

has decided to go under the plastic surgery scalpel... again: this time, the 27-year-old reality show sensation underwent a breast-size reduction procedure, due to obvious health concerns stemming from her F-sized mammary implants.

The actress, criticized by some for having gone through ten cosmetic surgery operations in a single day in 2010 (including rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast implants and buttock augmentation), had her bra size transformed from an 'F' to a still sizable but less unhealthy 'D'-cup this past Thursday.

Unable to have any moment of her life not on camera, Montag's surgery actually got filmed by Entertainment Tonight. The show's host, , tweeted a pic of herself with Heidi before hitting the OR:

The reality-star-turned-unsuccessful-singer confessed to Access Hollywood last year that she regrets her plastic surgery craze:

I would never do it again and I never recommend it for anyone... I kind of wanted a few enhancements and then it got out of hand. I wasn't told really the repercussions and what would happen, emotionally and psychically and the pain I would be in. I was kind of in shock.

I hope the operation went smoothly and that Heidi is in good health and with less of a back pain with her newly-reduced breasts.


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