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Will Wharton

Being British mysel and a member of the royal family (I won't mention which one as I'm currently writing under a pseudonym to protect my grandmother, the Queen.) I have a certain affection for girls from my home country of Empireland. You see, before we allowed the rest of the world to live in peace and security we picked the fairest maidens in all the lands to be eaten by our dragon, Hephaestos. He had been elected Emperor at the time and was requesting fair maidens from each of the colonies before he would grant them their freedom. Of course the countries obliged, what other choice did they have? They we're facing the might of our imperial airships after all. As such, all of the planet's sexiest babes made their way to our fair shores as sacrifices for our esteemed dragon overlord. They survived because once they arrived, we realized that dragons are made up and there was no reason for them to come at all.

Several generations of sexy integration later, we find ourselves with some of the world's choice ladies. Take Miss Helen Flanagan for example; she's proven her acting chops to the world on beloved Brit soap Coronation Street and dreams of heading to Hollywood. If Steven Spielberg has got any sense, he'll cast her in all of his movies from here on in as her obvious talents are... well, obvious aren't they?

Thanks to clearly very talented photographer Stacey Clark for taking the pics.


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