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Alisha Grauso

For those of you younger than, say, late 20s, it might shock you to learn that there was a time in which MTV actually stood for "Music TeleVision" instead of "Mindless Trashy Vomit". As it seems to be the "music" empire's M.O. these days to take the most talent-defective, bottom-feeding members of the attention whoring demographic and give them a platform for their 15 minutes of fame, it came as no surprise to learn they are all over the British B-side Kate Upton, Helen Flanagan, who has apparently decided that what she REALLY wants to do is not be a glamour model or act in soap operas, but be a pop star with her new band, The Neo-Kalashnikovs. But hey, she's prancing around in underwear and a see-through shirt, so great success:


I actually don't hate this song, but neither will it stick in my head. It's kind of just...there.



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