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A few months back, we reported that 20th Century Fox had lost the rights to Daredevil after they failed to negotiate an extension to keep the ‘The Man Without Fear'. It was assumed that the rights would revert back to Marvel/Disney but we never had any confirmation from the studio that the character was being brought back under the Marvel umbrella.

Until now.

At a press junket for Iron Man 3, Marvel Studios president of production Kevin Feige confirmed to Newsarama that Daredevil had come back to the warm and welcoming bosom of the studio and they now have the rights to the character once again.

Let me be the first to say: WOO HOO!

Marvel has proved with its Phase One movies that it knows how to best handle its properties, so the thought of them producing a Daredevil movie worthy of the characters awesomeness makes me very excited. It would also allow us to wipe the memory of 's turgid effort from our minds forever.

What could the future plans for Daredevil look like? Once the requisite reboot is out of the way, we could theoretically have him teaming up with the Avengers. Or even cooler, to form the New Avengers with Doctor Strange, Spider-Man and The Thing. That would blow my mind.

At the moment, all of this is pure speculation on my part. Marvel hasn't even confirmed whether or not they will make a Daredevil movie. But surely with a character that kick-ass on its roster, it's only a matter of time until we see a return to the mean streets of Hell's Kitchen.

Over to you guys to comment about all things Daredevil. I'd particularly like to know about any possible actor/director choices and how you would like to see the character introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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