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With Hollywood going remake and sequel crazy over the last few years, I thought it would be only a matter of time until was given wads of cash to make Hellboy 3. Unfortunately, it looks like that's not going to happen, as the legendary director has been unable to raise the funds to get the project off the ground. Speaking to Latino Review, del Toro revealed:

Well, a couple of weeks ago or months ago, I did make a couple of phone calls to test, to gauge the possibility of doing that because it’s a big movie. There’s no takers for a movie of that size. The two movies made their money back and a little bit. They were financially good, but one was fifty and the other one was eighty, eighty five. This is a hundred and forty. So no one wants to do that leap, from the financial side. So unless we find a way to do the mother of all kick starters.

Boo! The first two Hellboy movies weren't box office smashes, but they more than made their money back. Hellboy II: The Golden Army brought in a more than respectable $157 million, so I'm massively disappointed that del Toro can't get the funding to make Hellboy 3.

I always imagined that a director of del Toro's stature could walk into a studio and demand as much money as he wanted, no questions asked. This is, after all, the guy that gave us the creepily awesome The Devil's Backbone and the incredible Pan's Labyrinth. He's a visionary moviemaker, and the studio execs should be thrilled he's coming to them with a project.

On a positive note, del Toro has Pacific Rim coming out later this year, so if it's a box office smash it might open more blockbuster-sized doors for him, allowing him to raise the cash to get Hellboy 3 off the ground. At the moment though, it looks like we might have to wait a long time yet to see the Right Hand of Doom smash Nazis all up in the face again. Also, there's the matter of At the Mountains of Madness to get through first. Man, that needs to happen.

Are you guys disappointed that Hellboy 3 is currently dead in the water? Type things in the comments below. We like when you do that.



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