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We here at Moviepilot HQ wake up each morning, jump out of our bunk beds and rush to work hoping to find news awaiting us that has started work Hellboy 3. We are massive fans of the wise-cracking Red, and would love to see the Right Hand of Doom back on our screens.

Hellboy comic book creator Mike Mignola has spoken about the possibility of a third installment of the franchise getting made and while he'd love to see it happen, he's not holding his breath. Speaking to Phoenix New Times he admitted:

...all I'm saying is, "You've asked me if one is being done and I'm saying no." It doesn't mean I wouldn't like for one to happen, but I'd know if they were making a third one, and they are not making a third least not now.

Curses! Del Toro has admitted that the movie's estimated budget of $140 million is the reason Hellboy 3 is going nowhere fast, but with franchise star Ron Perlman also keen to get back in the red suit, perhaps it could happen further down the line, especially if del Toro's Pacific Rim is a commercial hit.

Mignola was also asked if he has any ideas for a plot for Hellboy 3, revealing:

del Toro has, at least from what I have read. Years ago, he told me he knew what a third movie would be. Other things I've read over the years, he's said he knows what that movie is. So, I don't know any particulars about what it is, but my feeling is he already knows the movie he would make.

Until I'm told otherwise or the zombie apocalypse is upon us, I will continue to scour the internet for news of Hellboy 3 going into production. If you wish for something hard enough, it has to come true sooner or later, doesn't it?



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